Welcome to the Joyful Hummingbird where I share joy and art from Southwest Florida! I’m so glad you are here. I paint watercolors inspired by the natural beauty of Florida and I hope to use this blog to share the stories behind the art I create.

The story behind my art

The story involves brokenness and healing, heartbreak and joy.

I started painting after a very difficult, no fun 2016. (My mom passed away, I had a miscarriage, Trump ran for president and won?! The year was not pretty.) Slowly I dug out of my grief – I wrote on my blog, took cathartic swims, and picked up singing once again. But there’s no doubt: art was central to my healing.

After nearly two decades of not creating art, I was back at it again. What I didn’t realize was the floodgates it would open for me creatively.  

Well, it’s time for me to share it with the world. Subscribe and receive shop updates!  I invite you to join me to see where the journey takes me. (And please, leave a note below to say hi!)