It’s Spring! Time for blooming flowers, baby birds, and . . . swallow tailed kites?!

It’s not spring until you see the swallow tailed kites!

At least, that’s the case for spring in Southwest Florida, where we look for swallow tailed kites and baby lizards to signal the change of seasons. No crocuses peaking through the snow for us!

On Saturday I finally saw our newest resident, the swallow tailed kite. It soared right above me a few times as if to say, See Sarah, I’m back!  


Swallow tailed kite. Image found online.

Spring is everywhere I turn – and that includes with this blog, too. I’m launching The Joyful Hummingbird as a place to share my artwork publicly after mostly keeping it to myself. I plan to also write about the creative process and the nature that inspires the majority of my art.  And not unlike the fledgling baby birds of spring, I’m slowly teetering forth, wobbling at first but getting stronger every day with hopes of soaring soon.


artwork my own. © The Joyful Hummingbird.

In the coming days and weeks I’ll share more about some of my new artistic ventures. Until then, happy spring and I look forward to sharing more signposts with you soon.